We’re so Blue

The space above cabinets- you know what I’m talking about.  It can either collect lots of dust or showcase specially selected items.  Not ours.  Ours was painted blue.  We are talking painters-tape-all-of-the-time-in-your-face blue.  The kind of blue that clashes with the already hideous colonial blue laminate countertops and even different colored blue peel and stick tile floor.  Don’t believe me?

See, I wasn’t kidding!  We had a blue stripe problem.  Perhaps the previous owners were trying to create a racing stripe effect in the kitchen?  Who knows, but we knew that we needed to get rid of it.  Thanks so a sweet gift card I scored from earned credit card points and a coupon, we got enough paint to turn our blue and ivory kitchen into a fresh white canvas.

(yes, I know I'm painting in the wrong direction. This was just the first of many coats)

It gave us a fight though.  We bought a gallon of Valspar Contractors Finish eggshell paint in Moonlight Snow and got to work.  We bought the Contractors Finish because I think we had planned to paint it a different color originally and just wanted a super basic white to take the edge off of the off white grossness and deep blue strip.  It took me about 2 days to paint the whole kitchen because of a few things.  1. I’m lazy, 2. there are a gazillion different surfaces in that kitchen, and 3. the blue stripe sucked up 4 layers of paint.  I think after all of that effort, we decided that Moonlight Snow was the perfect color for a little while.  It has held up pretty well to our messiness around the stove.  Perhaps in the future we will add some type of backsplash behind the kitchen part, but for now, we are totally happy.  Everybody get out your keys and shake them because “hey, hey, hey good bye” blue stripe.


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Novice DIY'er, wife, Lord willing someday mother, wannabe foodie, wearer of accidentally mismatched clothing, and social media junkie.
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