New Kids on the Block

We’re the Culbertsons.

We are some of the freshest, and whitest, meat here in West Virginia.  We live in a clearance house.  Or at least that is how I refer to it.  Thanks to the housing market being so low right now, we were able to get our house for around 99k less than what the previous owners were trying to sell it for less than a year before.  Needless to say, we put in an offer about an hour after stepping foot into it.  Maybe it was the desperation of not knowing where we were going to live once we got married or maybe it was the huge potential that this house packed, we knew it had to be ours.  So, two weeks after we got home from our honeymoon, we moved in.

Since then, we have been balancing full time jobs, seminary, baseball coaching, getting involved with our amazing church, nurturing our super needy and decrepitly old cat, and trying to fight off the stigma of being true West Virginians.  We have all of our teeth, we aren’t cousins who married each other, and we only have had a major appliance on our back porch for a few hours.  No worries, we moved it so we are now appliance free in both the front and back yards!

Hopefully this blog will be helpful in keeping our family all across the country up to date with what is going on with our lives.  At this moment, our kitchen is a hott mess as it is currently cabinet door less.  No worries, I’ve been documenting the whole process so you can see exactly what we’ve been doing.


About wildandwonderuffle

Novice DIY'er, wife, Lord willing someday mother, wannabe foodie, wearer of accidentally mismatched clothing, and social media junkie.
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